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BEACON40® Personal

We designed BEACON40 Personal to fit into any home or office. Turn it on for at least one hour a day and experience the brain health benefits of rejuvenating 40Hz light. Use them in any room at home while you answer emails, during meals, or while you go about your daily routines. Use voice controls to set your personal preferences including tone, brightness, and schedule.

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BEACON40® Surround

Our synchronized, 2-light system fits into family rooms and shared office spaces. Set them up on either side of your TV and turn them on while watching your favorite programs. Or set them on your breakfast table as part of your morning routine. Think of them like a candle that casts 40Hz light that may improve concentration and memory.

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We are grateful for the shared testimonials of our customers. BEACON40 is a general wellness light and not a medical device. The lights are safe, silent, and easily accessible today without a prescription.

Keeping my focus and attention

Our family has been growing with new grandchildren and it's keeping me busy! I wanted something to make sure I can keep up with them mentally as they grow. I'm using this light to keep my focus and attention sharp and so one day I will still be able to teach my grandchildren the traditions of our family.

Stay alert and attuned

My own experiences with the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease in my late husband, prepared me well for facing disappointments about “cures” or even therapies that work for cognitive impairment or dementia. I feel differently about Beacon40 by BRIGHT. Not only is this a promising and non-invasive way to help your brain stay alert and attuned, Beacon40 cheers you with its light.

Cognitive improvement

Thank you so much. I also wanted to let you know that we have noticed a cognitive improvement with my mother with using the light therapy regularly so thank you for your product!

  • 1 Base Light
  • 1 Satellite Light
  • 2 Power Cords
  • Setup Guide

Base Lamp
WEIGHT: 2.28lb (1.04kg)
HEIGHT: 12.4″ (315mm)
LENGTH: 5.9″ (150mm)
WIDTH: 6.2″ (157mm)

Satellite Lamp
WEIGHT: 2.21lb (1.00kg)
HEIGHT: 12.4″ (315mm)
LENGTH: 5.9″ (150mm)
WIDTH: 6.2″ (157mm)

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BEACON40 is a noninvasive method of stimulating the brain’s activity and rejuvenating healthy brain rhythm. 40Hz light therapy complements daily brain-health routines for those who want to improve sleep, maintain memory and attention, and reduce the risk of experiencing age-related memory loss. The lights pulse at 40Hz or 40 flashes per second. Brain waves in this frequency are associated with higher-order cognitive function. Daily exposure for one or more hours per day can complement your regular routines like reading, watching television, and answering emails.

Both the BEACON40 Personal and BEACON40 Surround are noninvasive and are designed to complement, not interfere, with your existing daily routines. The difference is only in the number of lights in each kit.

BEACON40 Personal has one light. It is designed to be used in more intimate locations like in an office or on a vanity. Most place it on a desk and use it while answering emails or searching the web.

BEACON40 Surround includes two lights and is designed for larger spaces such as a living room or kitchen. Set it up around your TV, with one light on each side, or use it in a shared home office or living room.

BEACON40 is not a medical device and is not intended as a stand-alone treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. We developed BEACON40 for our families and loved ones when we became aware of research that showed 40Hz light therapy may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and may slow its progression. It’s beneficial to have a proactive routine to maintain healthy brain function and to achieve sustained sleeping patterns.

At BRIGHT, we fast-tracked ongoing scientific research to create safe, easy-to-use lights to incorporate into daily wellness routines for enhanced brain health. BEACON40 is modeled after ongoing human trials of 40Hz light and sound coming from leading brain health institutes including MIT, Georgia Tech, and other reputable resources. Please discover more news and research articles here.

BEACON40 is designed to be convenient and easy to use. For recommended use, sit comfortably with the lights in your peripheral view about 3 to 12 feet away for at least one hour per day. The lights should be in your peripheral view – that means you must have your eyes open for them to be effective but you should not look directly into the lights. Adjust your settings according to your preferences.

We offer a video tutorial and a Smart Home Connection Guide that explains how to easily connect BEACON40 with your smart home hub.

Click here for video and instructions

Build Brain Strength

BEACON40 lights fit into any home or office. The nurturing lights fade into the background as you go about your daily routines.

Create a Personal Wellness Routine in a few simple steps.

How to Operate Beacon40

Set The Tone:  Depending on the time of day, you may prefer a warm, white or cool setting. Cool tones are best in daytime and try a warmer lights in the evenings.

Set The Brightness: Choose the best position for your lights and then select your preferred luminosity. If your lights are close by try a dimmer setting, or at a distance, a brighter setting will fill the room with light.

Set The Timer: It’s easy to set an auto-timer for your lights. Recommended use for Beacon40 is at least one hour every day. Set your time preference and be worry-free while you go about your day.


Lights for Cognitive decline in an office

Bring Nurturing Light to shared living spaces, libraries and lounges

BRIGHT offers scalable Beacon40 light systems that can be customized with any number of satellites to fill large spaces like community rooms, games rooms, lounges and gyms. Bright has the perfect setup for your space.