A source of hope and help for families battling cognitive decline.

Our family has been growing with new grandchildren and it's keeping me busy! I wanted something to make sure I can keep up with them mentally as they grow. I'm using this light to keep my focus and attention sharp and so one day I will still be able to teach my grandchildren the traditions of our family.


I’ve noticed my mom is becoming more forgetful, so I purchased the lights for her. She feels like it’s working for her. To me, my mom seems less confused and more alert so I’m feeling better too.


I purchased the first version of this product a few months ago and experienced great results at home. Better sleep and better focus. I got the new light to have in my office and this one looks and works great.

B. B. Liu
B. B. Liu2021-09-09

My own experiences with the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease in my late husband Ed Epstein, prepared me well for facing disappointments about “cures” or even therapies that work for cognitive impairment or dementia. I feel differently about Beacon40 by BRIGHT. Not only is this a promising and non-invasive way to help your brain stay alert and attuned, Beacon40 cheers you with its light.

I am a psychiatrist. I do a lot of work in, what I call, cognitive enhancement, or optimization. Some of it is the prevention of heritable cognitive issues, such as Alzheimer’s. I got the first generation Beacon40 for my mom and aunt. They've been using the lights for a while now, and cognitively they have not declined! For 2 years! It's so encouraging to see what Beacon40 is providing for my family... More time.

My wife was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's three years ago. While her symptoms are still comparitively minor to most, her moods can be pretty awful with frequent anger issues and awful verbal fighting, starting out first thing in the mornings. Since the first day of using Beacon40, there was a dramatic shift. She loves having it on next to her in our living room while watching TV. She began counting down the days that we had not had an argument and is acutely aware of its benefits. She is simply happier. This is not a paid review or something made up. Beacon40 works.

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Recharge Your Brain in the Great Outdoors

Recent research has shown that being outdoors can have a significant positive influence on mood and cognition. And it doesn’t seem to matter what activities you take up; just being outside is often enough to elicit these improvements.

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Spring Cleaning the Home and the Mind

Interestingly, recent research is finding that the state of one’s physical environment is often inextricably tied to one’s mental state. That is, physical clutter in one’s home can be a significant contributor to mental clutter in the form of depression, anxiety, etc.

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3 Reasons You Need a BEACON40 Light Routine

It’s never too early to begin a daily routine with BEACON40. The lights are safe, quiet and noninvasive. They’re designed to fade into the background while you go about your daily routines, like watching TV, reading, or answering emails.

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Why Focusing Alzheimer’s Research on Women Improves the Economy

March is International Women’s month. For those of us focused on advancing innovative technologies that bring hope and help to families battling dementia, we remember that Alzheimer’s disease impacts women more than men. Women are more likely to develop the disease and women are more likely to provide unpaid care for individuals experiencing dementia.

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How Buddhists Teach Us About Brain Waves

While we are only now beginning to understand the complex relationship between brain waves and longer-term cognitive health, the emerging science is highly compelling, with the potential to positively impact millions of people. This is what has inspired BRIGHT to fast-track this cutting edge research, bringing 40Hz light therapy and our BEACON40 light system out of the lab and into your home.

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Finding Local Caregiver Resources

In honor of National Caregivers Day, we have compiled 10 tips that every caregiver should know. A caregiver’s work is never done, but these tips can help to provide a framework for care.

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We can’t get younger every day, but we can get better. The way we live influences the likelihood of preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments. Using noninvasive solutions like 40Hz light stimulation as part of your daily wellness routine can help maintain healthy brain function and reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

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Safe Light

BEACON40 lights are safe, quiet, and noninvasive. They’re designed to fade into the background while you go about your daily routines. Use them while watching TV, reading, or answering emails.

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Cutting Edge Science

Families battling cognitive decline need help now. There just isn’t time to wait. BEACON40 brings the latest advances in scientific research into your home or office today.

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Smart Home Connected

Setup is easy. Use the TUYA app to connect your BEACON40 lights to Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. Use voice controls to set your personal preferences, including tone, brightness, and scheduling.