Start an Effortless Brain Health Routine with 40Hz Light

Passive therapy and active routines make a noticeable difference.

Start your Brain Health Routine with Passive Light Therapy

How Does BEACON40® Work?

Researchers began reporting the positive impact of 40Hz light therapy as a noninvasive technique to avoid and slow the progression of age-related memory loss. Using LED lights flickering at a specific 40Hz frequency, researchers at leading brain health institutes have shown that they can induce healthy gamma rhythm in the brain activating its natural cleaning processes. 40Hz visual stimulation, given one hour a day for 6 months, had dramatic positive effects on sleep and 65% reduction in whole-brain atrophy. Stimulation at other frequencies, ranging from 20 to 80 hertz, did not produce this decrease.

Daily exposure for one or more hours per day can complement your regular routines like reading, watching television or answering emails.

*People with photosensitivity should not use BEACON40. Always consult your doctor when supplementing your wellness routine.

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BEACON40 lamps can fill a room with warm, nurturing light. Think of it like a candle on a table. The lamps deliver gentle pulses of light through your eye to your optic nerve. Keep the light in your line of vision, but there’s no need to look directly at it, and making it brighter doesn’t lead to improved outcomes. Set up BEACON40 in your home office, beside your television set or in any living space. Some users tell us that they are very aware of the light pulses at first, but after a few days of gradually increased use, the pulsing fades into the background leading the way for a passive wellness routine.

The way we live can influence the likelihood of avoiding age-related cognitive decline and other cognitive impairments. Using noninvasive solutions like 40Hz light stimulation as part of your daily wellness routine may rejuvenate brain rhythm and boost your memory and attention.


Both the BEACON40 Personal and BEACON40 Surround are noninvasive and are designed to compliment, not interfere, with your existing daily routines. Our light systems provide an easy-to-use nurturing experience that may improve brain function and enhance cognitive health. The difference is only in the number of lights in each kit.

BEACON40 Personal has one light. It is designed to be used in more intimate locations like in an office or on a vanity. Most place it on a desk and use it while answering emails or searching the web.

BEACON40 Surround includes two lights, and is designed for larger spaces such as a living room or kitchen. Set it up around your TV, with one light on each side, or use it in a shared home office or living room.


BEACON40 lights can be customized to fit your personal preferences. Find a comfortable location to set your BEACON40 light systems and adjust the tone and brightness of the lights. You can set the lights to automatically turn off when you are done. Simple controls are on the base light, and BEACON40 is smart home enabled so you can use voice commands to set your routines.

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Passive Therapy

The best way to benefit from a wellness routine is when it’s a habit. Daily exposure can complement regular routines including reading, watching television or meal preparation

Safe and Silent

Easy to use, the light systems fit beautifully into any home or office. Set your preferences to turn the lights on/off, set daily timers and adjust the tone and brightness.
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Backed by Science

BEACON40, delivers lights pulsing at 40Hz, mirroring the brain’s healthy gamma rhythm and improving mental acuity, memory and attention.

Smart Home Connected

Connects to most smart home hubs via phone or tablet for easy voice control to schedule daily use, track timers and personalize settings. Supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home.
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Smart Home Convenience

BEACON40 lights pair wirelessly to the Tuya Smart App on your smartphone, where you can customize your experience.

  • Apple iPhone and Google Android App Used For Setup
    • Search for the “TuyaSmart” app in the app store and download
    • Or Scan the QR code included in the Smart Home setup instructions for download here
  • Hands Free Voice Control
    • Works with Amazon Alexa for Voice Control enabling you to
      • Turn on or off BEACON40
      • Set the timer 
      • Set the tone 
      • Set the brightness 
      • Schedule preferred timing for everyday use
    • Works with Google Home and Assistant for Voice Control enabling you to turn on or off the essential oil diffuser

Train your brain to build memories

BEACON40® is a doctor-recommended light therapy that rejuvenates brain function leading to remarkable health benefits. Choose a light system that fits effortlessly into your daily routine.

BEACON40® is a doctor-recommended light therapy that rejuvenates brain function leading to remarkable health benefits. Choose a light system that fits effortlessly into your daily routine.

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BEACON40 Surround

BEACON40 Personal