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Discover how 40Hz light may help you live a more engaged life filled with memories.

Introducing BEACON40®

Boost mental acuity, memory and attention with safe, silent, noninvasive light.

Passive Therapy

Stimulate healthy gamma rhythm while reading, watching television, or meal preparation.

Backed By Science

BEACON40 delivers light pulsing at 40Hz, mirroring the brain’s healthy gamma rhythm and improving mental acuity, memory, and attention. 

Smart Home Connected

Supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home. 

Easy To Use

Noticeable results from only one hour of passive 40Hz light exposure per day within 6 weeks. 

Built To Last

Unlike other brands, BEACON40 doesn’t burn out, or lose its 40Hz calibration over time.

Elegant Design

Set the tone and brightness to create the perfect mood and ambiance to complement any activity. 

Thousands Of Users Report Noticeable Improvements In:

"In my 17 years of practice as a Physical Therapist, I've never seen a return of speech function in an Alzheimer's patient as I observed with Lynn. I'm amazed by the effects of the BEACON40 lights."
David S.

Backed By Science

Healthy brains feature brain waves or rhythms that oscillate at roughly 40Hz. These gamma frequencies are associated with higher order cognitive function. 

A buildup of amyloid plaque inhibits brain waves and disrupts healthy brain rhythm. 

Researchers studied the impact of light therapy discovering that at 40Hz flicker shined into the eye mimicked and induced healthy gamma rhythm in the brain. 

40Hz stimulation given one hour a day for 6 weeks had dramatic positive effects on brain function leading to a 65% reduction in whole brain volume loss and improved sleep. 

BEACON40® Personal

Beacon40 Personal light for Alzheimer's light therapy

Beautiful, safe, smart light for your home office, kitchen or living room. BEACON40 Personal provides nurturing ambience, like a candle casting light that rejuvenates brain health and enhances cognitive function.

BEACON40 delivers light pulsing at 40Hz, mirroring the brain’s healthy gamma rhythm and improving mental acuity, memory, and attention. 

*See noticeable results in 6 weeks or less or your money back. Simply contact us at support@getmebright.com to initiate a free return. Returns accepted 60 days after purchase.

PRICE: $274


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BEACON40® Surround

Beacon40 Surround for Alzheimer's therapy

The only expandable, and perfectly synchronized multi-light solution on the market. 

Perfect for larger spaces where the user sits further from the device.

BEACON40 lights are smart home enabled. Connect the lights to your smart home hub for Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control features.

BEACON40 delivers light pulsing at 40Hz, mirroring the brain’s healthy gamma rhythm and improving mental acuity, memory, and attention. 

Includes 2 lights.

*See noticeable results in 6 weeks or less or your money back. Simply contact us at support@getmebright.com to initiate a free return.Returns accepted 60 days after purchase.

PRICE: $434

Father’s Day Price: $414
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What Users Are Saying

Join thousands of families experiencing the benefits of 40Hz light.

I researched a lot of scientific sources to help in the early stages of age decline and memory loss. When I noticed slight changes in mood, comprehension and memory of my beloved family member, I put the BEACON40 near where he usually sits. We have been using the lights for several weeks and I see a lot of positive changes. Less frustration, better mood and his sense of humor and jokes are there again. He also remembered some new events.
Dr. Maria T.
Dr. Sokolina
After my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease I got worried that it might be hereditary. My doctor says it’s not, but she encouraged me to watch my diet and exercise and she told me about 40 hertz light as a new approach to brain health. I’ve been using the lights since I’ve been working from home and they’re making me feel calmer and helping me sleep better. I’m getting some for my mom too.
Liza M.
Liza M.
My own experiences with the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease in my late husband Ed Epstein, prepared me well for facing disappointments about “cures” or even therapies that work for cognitive impairment or dementia. I feel differently about BEACON40 by BRIGHT. Not only is this a promising and non-invasive way to help your brain stay alert and attuned, BEACON40 cheers you with its light.
Polly Young Eisendrath, Ph. D.
Dr. Young Eisendrath
There is a growing body of evidence from the top academic institutions that 40Hz light increases brain activity, suggesting that it can enhance mental acuity and strengthen memory. BEACON40, emitting 40Hz light, represents an easy-to-use wellness device for personal use showing enormous potential with high daily compliance.
Dr. Signaevsky
Dr. Signaevsky
My father is 88 years old with past medical history of heart attack 15 years ago with stent placement. He would at times become off balanced while walking. He had a car accident where he crashed into a parked car 1 1/2 years ago totaling his car. He did not recall how it happened. He has been using the gamma lights daily since 4/20/18 in the evening from 5pm-12am. He does not find it difficult to use and says he feels more calm and focused. He feels it's "very calming." I noticed him to be more balanced and coordinated since the use of gamma lights. He has improved on his attention and ability to recall details of conversations. I'm very pleased with the results we have been seeing so far.
Margaret M.
Margaret M.
My grandfather, sits in the same armchair in the living room in the evening hours. The gamma light lamp is placed on the adjacent wall about one meter from his armchair. It stays on until he leaves the room which ranges between 2-4 hours each day. Lately, his home attendant reports that she is seeing improvement in his everyday behavior and orientation!
Leon K.
Leon K.
I am a psychiatrist. I do a lot of work in, what I call, cognitive enhancement, or optimization. Some of it is the prevention of heritable cognitive issues, such as Alzheimer’s. I got the first generation BEACON40 for two family members diagnosed with moderate dementia. They've been using the lights for a while now, and cognitively they have not declined! For 2 years! It's so encouraging to see what BEACON40 is providing for my family... More time.
Dr A. Podesta
Dr. Podesta
My grandmother likes to sit on her couch in the morning with the gamma light placed across from the couch. Since she started using the lamp, we have seen some improvement in my grandma's mental acuity. My grandfather and my aunt (her daughter) also say that she requires fewer reminders to do certain things.
Marina T.
Marina T.
I am looking forward to seeing how BEACON40 works long term with my Dad but so far it’s helping. He is noticeably more focused and engaged in activities where he seemed to be losing attention before. It was super easy for us to set up. I just put it by his desk and we leave it on while he’s reading or checking emails. At first the lights were too bright but we turned them down and now he’s more comfortable with them. We’re all really hopeful that this will help with his memory.
Alex B.
Alex B.

Discover the Research Behind 40Hz

Cognito Therapeutics Presents New Clinical Data Demonstrating Disease-Modifying Effects of Gamma Frequency Neuro-modulation on Cognitive Function and Brain Atrophy in Alzheimer’s Disease at AAIC 2021

Cognito Therapeutics, a Phase 3-ready neuro-physiology company developing a new class of disease-modifying digital therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative disorders, presented key findings from clinical research involving its lead digital therapeutic candidate at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® 2021 (AAIC®), virtual and in-person in Denver, Colorado, July 26-30, 2021.

'Light Flash' Treatment Might Help Slow Alzheimer's

While efforts to develop Alzheimer’s medications have so far borne little fruit, new research highlights the therapeutic promise of two non-drug tools: light and sound.

An Hour of Light and Sound a Day Might Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay

Playing a flashing white light and a trilling sound reversed signs of Alzheimer’s in mice. Researchers are now trying it in humans

Alzheimer's: How light therapy could protect the brain

Researchers have previously shown that a type of light therapy could potentially reduce toxic proteins that build up in the brain in Alzheimer’s disease. Now, the same team has identified what happens at cell level to achieve this result.

Frequently Asked Questions

BEACON40 is a noninvasive method of stimulating the brain’s activity and rejuvenating healthy brain function. The lights deliver pulsing at 40Hz. That’s 40 flashes per second. Brain waves in this frequency are associated with improving mental acuity, memory and attention. It is recommended as a passive therapy for those who want to prevent cognitive decline or to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Daily exposure for one or more hours per day can complement your regular routines like reading, watching television or answering emails.

Both the BEACON40 Personal and BEACON40 Surround are noninvasive and are designed to complement, not interfere, with your existing daily routines. The difference is only in the number of lights in each kit.

BEACON40 Personal has one light. It is designed to be used in more intimate locations like in an office or on a vanity. Most place it on a desk and use it while answering emails or searching the web.

BEACON40 Surround includes two lights and is designed for larger spaces such as a living room or kitchen. Set it up around your TV, with one light on each side, or use it in a shared home office or living room.

An abundance of naturally occurring amyloid plaques in the brain can be responsible for interrupting healthy brain rhythms. Recent research has indicated that these plaques begin to build up in the brain 15 to 20 years before any behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s become apparent. Just like you brush your teeth to keep plaque away — it’s beneficial to have a proactive routine to maintain healthy brain function.

Research has shown that gamma light therapy may operate both to reduce the amount of amyloid plaque buildup and to excite healthy brain function. The use of BEACON40 lights may have a positive effect in the prevention of the development of Alzheimer’s in at-risk individuals who have not yet been diagnosed with the disease.

BEACON40 was built on breakthrough scientific research and provides a safe, easy-to-use wellness routine for enhanced brain health. BEACON40 is modeled after ongoing human trials coming from leading brain health institutes including MIT, Georgia Tech and other reputable resources. Please discover more scientific references and research articles here.

BEACON40 is designed to be convenient and easy to use. For recommended use, sit comfortably with the lights in your peripheral view about 3 to 12 feet away for at least one hour per day. The lights should be in your peripheral view – that means you must have your eyes open for them to be effective but you should not look directly into the lights. Adjust your settings according to your preferences.

We offer a video tutorial and a Smart Home Connection Guide on how to easily connect BEACON40 with your smart home.

Click here for video and instructions


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